product_main_newcontainersmall“One-trip” containers are ISO-grade and have made a single trip straight from the manufacturer to the Port of LA. Clean and aesthetically appealing, they will last decades and are guaranteed to be wind- and water-tight.



40footshortThese containers are in excellent functional condition, needing no structural refurbishment. They are wind- and water-tight. These containers can be repainted and modified easily to meet your needs.



refridRefrigerated, or “reefer,” containers include an integrated refrigeration unit. Utilizing an exterior electrical source, these containers can control temperatures from -22F up to 86F. They are also wind- and water-tight.


Benefits and Uses


-Unlike conventional buildings, containers don’t need to be a permanent part of your property.
-Units are available with doors on one end or both for your safe and convenient access.
-Originally built to strict ISO shipping standards, their heavy-duty, all-steel design makes them virtually fire-, vandal- and theft-proof.
-They can be delivered to your home or business with fast setup. No permanent foundation is required.

Sample Uses

-Storage for files, excess inventory, seasonal items, agriculture, vehicles, equipment and tools
-Storage during remodels
-Refrigerated cargo
-Alternative office space, workshops and warehouse space
-Quickly set up field offices or booths for first aid, security, concessions, etc.
-Containerized equipment
-Computer datacenter
-Personal man caves
-Classrooms and dorms

Who Uses Containers?

-Shopping centers
-Municipal government
-Many more!

Start A Self-Storage Business

-Low investment and construction costs
-Development by stages, so no tie up of big capital
-Fast setup: generation of income much earlier
-Low maintenance costs
-Flexible floor plan makes relocation easy
-Tax advantage, better cash flow



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